Silver Lining

Silver Lining

Since last year's Championship defeat, this year's focus has been on strengthening the team and preparing to head back to the Championships to claim the title. The Royals had spent the entire season preparing for the moment, and they were in the prime spot to take it.

                Entering the NWAC Softball Championships at the number one seed, they were the NWAC favourites to take the tournament. With numbers like an average batting average about .400, and an average ERA of 2.50, it was clear that the Royals were a dominant team in the North Conference. Pitted against the 16th seeded Clark College, the Royals had a chance to bring that dominance to a league level.

                However Clark College was much better than their seeding indicated, which went to speak about the level of skill at the Championships. It took a walk off home run from Michaela Moore in the seventh inning for the Royals to overcome the Clark Penguins, 9-7.

                Next was Centralia College, the 8th seed. The match was only 3 hours after the Clark game, but the Royals came out looking stunning. They blitz Centralia in a fashion that had become common for the Douglas squad. In a quick paced game, the Royals would force the mercy win over Centralia, taking the game 8-0.

                The next day, the team took on the 4th seeded Clackamas. It was a back and forth bout between the Royals and the Cougars, with both sides offense shining. The teams exchanged a total of 15 runs, but at the end of seven innings, it was the Royals with the lead. They would move on to the Semi-final match off the back of an 8-7 win.

                Next up was the 7th seeded Walla Walla Warriors. In contrast to the Royals match against Clackamas, the game against the Warriors was a defensive spectacle. Both pitchers were on fire, and it really was one run that made all the difference. Kolby Hamilton came up with the big run off the back of an RBI from Jordan Britten-Yung that allowed the Royals to take the game 1-0.

                The win moved the Royals on to the NWAC Championships for the second time in two years. There they faced Wenatchee Valley Knights, who much like the Royals last year, fought their way into the finals from the loser's bracket. In game one, the Knights stunned the Royals with their offensive power. Unable to keep up with the Knights, the Royals dropped their first game of the season 8-5.

                In game two, it was very Royals'-like where balls were flying everywhere. Except, this time, the shoe was on the other foot. The Knights grabbed four runs in the first inning, and despite a hearty effort from the Royals, they were never able to catch up. The loss meant that the Royals would have to settle for second place to top off their wonderful season.

                Despite the loss, the Royals still had a jaw-dropping season. With numbers to break records in NWAC, the Royals put Canada on the map with a seasonal performance that teams will struggle to match for years to come.